Partridge brought peace to a sad endIng

My family dog that I grew up with for the last 14 years passed away 3 days ago. I was on the fence about private cremation, but after looking through various pamphlets at my vet’s office, I chose to go with Partridge, and I’m so glad I did. Not only were they beyond helpful, but they were very empathetic and worked to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. My dog was picked up from the vet by them on a Monday, and his ashes were at my front door by Wednesday. I can’t recommend this company or their professional service enough.


i am full of gratitude. Thank you for going above and beyond

Partridge Enterprises did an outstanding job handling my dog's remains and beautifully presenting them to me. Putting my dog to sleep was one of the most difficult experiences of my life and when Animal Emergency Center in Novi told me they would take care of the cremation arrangements, I had no idea what to expect since I have never used cremation services before. Partridge vastly exceeded my expectations. The ashes came in a beautiful carved wood box accompanied by a paw print stamp, a card, the Rainbow Bridge poem, and resources for pet grief services. Everything was meticulously packaged with care and respect. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Partridge added beauty to a very difficult and sad time. Thank you so very much!

tiffany kennedy


I want to thank you and your workers for the service you all provide. I am thankful to have my boy home with me where he belongs. I would also like to thankyou for the beautiful ern that he now resides in. The coleman family

coleman family

Lil bear’s cremation

We just wanted you to know we loved the box and paw print of our beloved Lil Bear we have already received. We got it earlier than expected. It meant a lot to us and will be put on a shelf with the canvas photograph we just ordered. Thank you so much again! God bless!


Perfect memorial…

I was overwhelmed by the beautiful presentation for our beloved boxer“ Presley“. I went to pick him up and of course overcome with emotion, I was so thankful he was honored in such a perfect way.
Thank you so much for caring .

Mrs. Libby Lowder 🐾❤️

Mrs. Libby Lowder